Thank you for your interest in becoming a member in the OTHA.  We would be glad to have you whether you are joining as a player or for just being involved in our numerous pick-ups and other hockey events.

Regardless if you are planning to play in our league or just in pick-ups, we asked that you fill out the New Member Form and pay the $20.00 membership fee.  Additionally, it is very important to know that our motto is, “We all have to go to work in the morning!”  This means that our organization does not tolerate rough play or fighting.  This is a fun league that is self-policed and monitored. 

For Members Only: Once you have filled out the form and have paid the dues, there is nothing else to do.  You will automatically be added to our email communication list for pick-ups and special events.  However, if you don’t have your USA Hockey membership, you will need that as well to play in any of the hockey activities.  You can find links to the USA Hockey membership site via a link at the bottom of each page on this website.   

For Members wanting to get on to one of our leagues:  We require that you fill out the form, pay the membership fee, and get your USA Hockey Membership from the link we provided at the bottom of each website page. Also, please pay close attention to the choosing a league.  It is important that you select the right league for you to enhance your hockey experience.  Below is the a brief description of each league to help you decide.

Scarlett Real Estate C1 League: Our C1 level league offer highly skilled skating, stick handling and above average hockey awareness players.  Many of the top players probably could play A/B Level hockey and some may had been there at one time but lost a step due to age.  If you are looking for highly skilled competition, this league might be for you.

Carry-On Logistics C1.5 League: This is our newest league that has been going well.  It is a nice mix of lower C1 and upper C2 players. There are several highly skilled players with a mix of a lot of average “C” level player. Still great competitive atmosphere but at a slightly slower pace than our C1.  If you can put out a solid game each and every week, but there is one thing you are trying to improve, this could be a good league to start with.

Golden Pride C2 League: This league consists of a few “D” level players and few more C3 Players on the low-end and maybe several lower C1.5 players at the top-end.  However, the majority are right on the C2 level mark.   If you have a couple things you are trying to develop in your game, this is a good start.  

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