What is the OTHA?

The OTHA is a non-profit membership association that operates multiple adult hockey leagues as well as various other social/athletic activities in the Charlotte, NC area.

The OTHA adult hockey leagues are closely managed to allow for competitive teams and proper sportsmanship, keeping its motto of “We all have to go to work in the morning” in mind.

Our goal is fair, competitive hockey and a spirit of camaraderie that fosters post-game socializing and a generally good time.

Membership has its benefits!

Members have access to not only season registrations, but to pick-ups, charity events, and social events. You do not have to be a player in the current season to be a member. In fact you do not have to be a player at all to join in the fun of the OTHA. All players are members, but you can pay to be a member for a nominal annual fee and get all the benefits that players do. We have plenty of members that just like to participate in pick-ups and don`t play during the regular season.

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